• wedding sky lantern
  • wedding sky lantern

wedding sky lantern

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Product Description

Sky Lanterns, also known as Wish Lanterns and Konming Lanterns, can be thought of as a miniature hot-air balloons that can launched in your back yard for a special event or occassion. 

The Sky Lanterns illuminate the night sky and your celebration will be transformed into the perfect fairytale wedding.

The lanterns fly in the air for approximately 12 - 15 minutes and can travel for up to 15 miles before gently making their decent. Standing 108 cm tall and 60 cm wide at its widest point the lantern, once self-extinguished floats gently to the ground. The lanterns are made from non-flammable, bio-degradeable tissue paper and once lit take approximately 30 - 45 seconds to fill with hot air before they are ready to be released into the sky.


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